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Join our Clergy Team

GCOC is a reformation intent on mentoring and developing the best ministers of the gospel in the world.


We do not take a back seat to excellence. We seek to be the standard that ministerial proficiency, holiness and Episcopal perfection is measured by.  We are a house that demands holiness and loyalty to both Christ and His beloved Church. We are an equipping diocese that puts all of its leaders through the rigor of training and Christian education towards the priesthood. We pick up the fallen and create tight bonds with our brother clergy.


We also develop the office of deacon, and elder and have a structure that incorporates the District Elder position. We consecrate and appoint Bishop by election of the current College of Bishops.  We do not bestow the title of Apostle upon any leader and episcopate. We believe in the continuation of the ministry gift and that the bishops sit in the seat of the holy apostles. We believe in all five ministry gifts that equip and perfect the church. We see clear distinction of each gift and can express in clarity their roles. We believe in the study of Hebrew, Greek and Latin in our interpretations of the bible. We embrace the entire word of God and believe that latter manuscripts that are part of the current bible are also infallible and inerrant. We adhere to the Nicene Creed of 325 in its original form and intent of this holy council. We believe in the landmarks set by the early church in doctrine. Women demonstrating a ministry gift will hold the office of Evangelist in our reformation.


 We would love to have the discussion of bringing you and your church into our Apostolic Intercommunion of Churches. Fill out our application and you will be contacted for an interview. Bless you and remember we are the body that loves His sheep.


Services of our reformation

  •  Pastoral Credentials
  •  Charity Registration
  •  Marriage Officer registration
  •  Diploma and Degree Programs
  •  Bishop Consecration and Elevation
  •  Elder and Deacon training
  •  Lay minister training
  •  Worship leader and Musician training.
  •  Tax filing, HST rebate filing
  •  Financial record training
  •  Fundraising Training